Breastfeedig hoodie, Cotton is 100%

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Cream Breastfeedig hoodie, Cotton is 100% GOTS-certified cotton

Style: IDA-ecu


100% GOTS-certified cotton


• 100% GOTS-certified cotton
• Breathable material
• Extensible material
• Zipper breastfeeding openings is 30 cm in size M
• The full length of the model is 66cm (25.98in – size M)The IDA hoodie is produced in 100% GOTS-certified cotton. The model has a kangaroo pocket and adjustable drawstring in the hood. In addition, there is a simple and discreet breastfeeding function via a zipper along the sides, so it is easy and quick to breastfeed.Our hoodie IDA is a nice and baggy model, and can be worn with a pair of jeans or with our matching ISA sweatpants.With the IDA model, you are able to be comfortable and fashionable while breastfeeding.Sustainability: This product is produced under sustainable conditions in Portugal. At Milker, we are very committed to being environmentally conscious, and therefore we have a strong focus on material selection and quality at our manufacturers.



Milker is a proud producer of nursing clothes that makes it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. We believe it is extremely important that children are breastfeed especially the first 0-12 months of their lives. Everything indicates that children who have been breastfeed perform better in a number of parameters and are generally more resistant to diseases. As a Danish company, we are born out of a strong tradition of breastfeeding - and as our business has grown, we have happily found an increased interest in breastfeeding elsewhere in Europe – and even in countries further away, that might not have seen nursing as a natural way of giving your child a good start.