Beige loose nursing dress in organic cotton

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Beige loose nursing dress in organic cotton

Style: MIMI-bei


100% Organically grown cotton poplin (GOTS)




• 100% organic cotton
• Breathable and lightweight material
• Extra top piece in Jersey with nursing opening
• Super comfort
• Stylish, trendy design
• Can be used after breastfeeding
• Wash at 30°C fine wash

The model MIMI is a lovely and charming nursing dress in 100% organic cotton. The nursing dress is perfect for breastfeeding as there beneath it is an extra top piece in Jersey. The top piece’s button opening in the front centre hides a nursing opening that makes an easier and more discreet nursing session possible for you.

The nursing dress is wonderful and light, and its short sleeves and loose fit makes it a perfect clothing choice for a warm summer’s day. The nursing dress has a beautiful design and falls prettily down over your legs, and the beige colour goes well with everything. Therefore, it will fit right into your wardrobe as it can also be styled for many different occasions. The nursing dress works perfectly as a casual everyday dress but will also act greatly as a pretty dress for festive events.

The dress can easily continue being used after you finish breastfeeding.

We recommend that the nursing dress is washed at 30°C fine washing.





Milker is a proud producer of nursing clothes that makes it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. We believe it is extremely important that children are breastfeed especially the first 0-12 months of their lives. Everything indicates that children who have been breastfeed perform better in a number of parameters and are generally more resistant to diseases. As a Danish company, we are born out of a strong tradition of breastfeeding - and as our business has grown, we have happily found an increased interest in breastfeeding elsewhere in Europe – and even in countries further away, that might not have seen nursing as a natural way of giving your child a good start.


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