Beige nursing dress in Mulesing-free Merino wool

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Beige nursing dress in Mulesing-free Merino wool

Style: LUCIA-oyg


50% Mulesing free Merino wool/ 50% viscose



• Merino wool / viscose mix
• Breathable material
• Nursing opening in rib under the chest
• Double layer Merino wool across the chest
• Extensible material
• Wash on a wool-wash programm on a maximum of 30 degrees
• Always check the care label
• The full length of the model is 39.76in (size M)
• Mulesing free Merino woolThe nursing dress reaches down to the knee if you are approximately 5 ft 10 (170 cm), I would call it a slimfit model and a super simple one.The dress can be styled in countless ways; You can use it with sneaks, boots, high heels or flats. It fits with everything and it is super easy to use when you are breastfeeding. The nursing opening is in the rib under your breast and all you have to do is pull up the rib so that the outer layer is above the breast and then pull the lower layer down so that it is below the breast. That exercise takes a few seconds, and then there is free access to breastfeeding – maybe that is why this model is so popular.

Did I mention that the dress can also be used as a pregnancy dress? The knit is super elastic and can expand incredibly much. Do not worry about it becoming misshapen at the end of your pregnancy, because then you just wash it on wool wash or hang it outside in the cold of the night, and then it contracts to its original shape. Remember not to wash your wool clothing unnecessarily – Mulesing free Merino wool is self-cleaning and it wears a lot on the wool to be washed.



Milker is a proud producer of nursing clothes that makes it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. We believe it is extremely important that children are breastfeed especially the first 0-12 months of their lives. Everything indicates that children who have been breastfeed perform better in a number of parameters and are generally more resistant to diseases. As a Danish company, we are born out of a strong tradition of breastfeeding - and as our business has grown, we have happily found an increased interest in breastfeeding elsewhere in Europe – and even in countries further away, that might not have seen nursing as a natural way of giving your child a good start.