Beige sleeveless nursing dress

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Beige sleeveless nursing dress – in Organically grown bamboo

Style: ZOO-leg


92% Viscose of Bamboo fibres (Organically grown) / 8% Elastane


• Organically grown bamboo
• Breathable and antibacterial material
• Unsurpassed comfort
• No polyester
• No dangerous materials
• Stylish, trendy design
• Length 35.82in (Size M)
• Two layers across the chest
• Hidden nursing opening
• Can be used doing pregnancyThis beige nursing dress is both elegant and comfortable at the same time. This nursing dress comes with broad shoulder straps that cover your nursing bra, as well as a flowy, feminine skirt that is perfect for all summer parties.This breastfeeding dress comes with an easy lift-up opening, which is ideal and practical for when you need to nurse your baby while you are out and about. Features an elastic waistline that accentuates your bust and waistline in the best possible way.Fits true to size. The model wears a size XS.



Milker is a proud producer of nursing clothes that makes it easier to be a breastfeeding mom. We believe it is extremely important that children are breastfeed especially the first 0-12 months of their lives. Everything indicates that children who have been breastfeed perform better in a number of parameters and are generally more resistant to diseases. As a Danish company, we are born out of a strong tradition of breastfeeding - and as our business has grown, we have happily found an increased interest in breastfeeding elsewhere in Europe – and even in countries further away, that might not have seen nursing as a natural way of giving your child a good start.